Y’all I am so incredibly pumped to dive into this month’s topic: landing pages

Today I want to chat with you about 3 simple steps to an effective landing pages strategy. Short, simple, and sweet is how I like it.

Let’s dive in.

Without one of these items, it can determine the fate of your landing page. While there is no secret formula, you need to make sure that customizing it to who you are selling it to. You should keep your target audience in mind at all times. 

I want you to find success in your landing pages. By having the right foundation, you can make a big impact with your revenue using landing pages.


1). Know your plan. 
Seriously. When it comes to landing pages, you need to have a plan in mind. What you need to plan for is how you are going to create your offer, what e-mail marketing you are going to be using, and who is going to be hosting your landing page. 

Not to mention plan your marketing of your landing page as well too. 

2). Validate your idea with your audience
This alone is veryyyyy important. You have to consider if your audience even wants your offer. I have created and launched an offer that NOBODY wanted or bought. It stunk because I legit spent time on creating it, putting together all the pieces, and realized that I put in all the work for nothing. Don’t be me, okay? 

3). Have all the pieces to the puzzle
Here’s my recommended list of what you need to include on your landing page!

  • Headline that uses actionable, value-driven words
  • Sub-headline supports the headline with additional info
  • Clear, compelling description that is easy to read
  • A clear call to action that is used through out
  • Supporting proof elements such as a testimonial
  • A list of features AND benefits (and no they are not the same thing!)