24 hours to create a high-converting landing page? Yep, it’s possible!

As a web designer and email marketing strategist, I can not stress enough how important landing pages are. They don’t take much time to create and they can start getting subscribers on your email list and money in your pocket with ease!

In this post, I’m going to give you the framework and process  you will use to be able to create your very own high-converting landing page.

Depending on how go about the process with the tools you are selecting, it *may* not be free. However the process I have outlined here will work with just about any options. If you want to do the whole thing for free you can utilize MailChimp!

Let’s start with the content you need

You need to create your offer.

  • For a PDF: Canva
  • For a course: Teachable
  • For a service or product offering: varies based off of what it is.

From there you need to create the e-mail they will receive once they sign up for your offer.

Here’s what you need to make sure you include in the e-mail:

  • A blurb about you
  • Information to get the offer
  • A heads up on any future communication

Boom. Done.

Bonus: You can create an e-mail funnel off of it to further sell them on another offer.

Create the content for your landing page.

When starting this process, you need to make sure you have:

  • Headline that uses actionable, value-driven words
  • Sub-headline supports the headline with additional info
  • Clear, compelling description that is easy to read
  • A clear call to action that is used through out
  • Supporting proof elements such as a testimonial
  • A list of features AND benefits (and no they are not the same thing!)

While this seems like a ton of content, each has it’s own place on your landing page to help convert your visitor.

And do not forget to also include the images as well!

Here’s the back end process you need to follow

Now let’s dive into what you need to be make sure that they receive your offer which can be through your e-mail marketing.

A list of options of different e-mail providers:

However, let’s dive into the automation behind it. This is what you need to set up within your e-mail marketing:

  1. An automated sequence to your list
  2. With your welcome e-mail that immediately triggers to send out


You can easily Google tutorials for your exact e-mail marketing provider.

Let’s create the landing page

If you need some options to put together your landing page, here’s my suggestions:

Remember the list of content you put together from earlier? Now it is time to put those pieces together.

Here’s the exact format to use when creating your landing page:

landing pages, creating landing pages, content marketing, create

In the call to action section, you want to make sure you embed a form that links to the list that is linked to your automation sequence. (That’s a lot of linked items!) This will ensure that when they input their information, they will receive your offer!

You can also use this as just the base and customize how you want! Insert images as you wish or you can even add an about section with your photo below the last call to action. At the end of the day, it is your landing page with your offer.  You have done the research and you know what is going to help you convert your audience. Do it!

And that’s it. You are done!

Now it is time to take it to the next level!


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