We Can Work Together

Hey there fellow woman on a mission!

You’ve got an amazing business you’re ready to launch full speed ahead.

You’re more excited than you’ve ever been.
And you have more clarity than ever before.

All systems are a GO and you see the green light – but you aren’t moving.

You think to yourself, are you joking right now?

I’ve got this amazing idea and I’m ready to serve my peeps…
I’m not going to let anything get in my way!

Especially not a website.

The only thing is — you don’t even know where to begin when it comes to your website.

Shelley Willingham

I was overjoyed when Shelley decided to work with me on her main website and membership site. We have combined the branding of both her main coaching website and her membership site to create a cohesive feel throughout the entire website for her users.

Teresa Arney Coaching

I had the honor of helping Teresa put together her coaching website which focuses on helping fellow entrepreneurs to find their freedom. This website’s number one goal is to get users to opt-in to her newsletter while also providing the user information about her services.

What should you put on it?
How should it look?
How do you even create it?
And WHAT in the world is WordPress, themes, plugins, and hosting?!

Soo lost. #saveme

We get it.
Technology and websites aren’t your jam.

You’d rather be out there putting your big idea in the world
Serving your clients
Making an impact, you know?
And that’s exactly what you should be doing.

You don’t have the time to learn how to build a website when you’ve got people waiting for your services.

Leave the website building to me – I have you covered. Yay!

I’m Ashley K DeLuca and I give female entrepreneurs the ability to rise with the power of web strategy and bloom with individualized design.

I soak in all the knowledge, technology, and latest trends so you don’t have to.

The truth is, I live and breathe this stuff.
Designing and building websites is my passion.

And when my passion meets your passion?
Magic happens.

Let’s help you drive through that green light with a killer website riding shotgun. Woohoo!


Building the e-commerce store for Heritagehouseco was such a joy with all the beautiful soaps, lip balms, and more. This website is focused on the selling of her products, but also has some additional information about her wedding favors which are a huge moneymaker.


As a Digital Marketing & Web Strategist

Your website will be infused with web strategy that has helped my clients bloom into their full potential.

Most web designers will offer you a pretty website that will do nothing more than sit there and be pretty. With experience in Digital Marketing, I understand the importance of having a solid web presence that helps you establish authority and gain credibility. I specialize in Web Strategy knowing that having a website with a gameplan is much more powerful than any other strategy out there.

Professional Design + Powerful Web Strategy = An Unstoppable Marketing Tool


This is the roadmap of our project together


Because it is more than just a pretty website


A professional website is an effective marketing tool for your business. With a minimalistic, mobile responsive,  and social media integrated website, you get to stay in the driver’s seat by easily being able to update your content and drive more visitors.


We focus on providing the right amount of information to your web visitor to build the know, like, and trust. By highlighting your testimonials, case studies, awards, and more, the focus is entirely on helping your user understand why you are #1.


You have the ability to create your own little hub on the internet to house all of your offerings, content, and more. It provides you a way to show off your work, keeps your audience informed as well as save you time with it always being accessible.


From feeling lost to being grounded

  • I just wanted to drop in and tell you all how wonderful Ashley and her team are. I recently hired Ashley’s company to update my website and having gone through several web updates over the years, I really wasn’t looking forward to the process. Well, this time it was completely painless. Ashley is an absolute joy to work with. She’s professional, knowledgeable, PATIENT and dependable. If you have a web design project coming up, you can’t go wrong with Ashley. First class customer service and top-notch delivery. Thanks, Ashley!

    Shelley Willingham

    CEO, Vision and Passion International, LLC

  • Getting started with a website is so intimidating. Domains, plug-ins, analytics, templates…..I had no clue what I was doing. And I was wasting so much time trying to do it myself. Until I was lucky enough to find Ashley. She was a heaven sent computer wizard who had me up and running in less than a week with a gorgeous new website. She listened and even encouraged my input. Not to mention, she was so positive and motivational about my makeup business. It was a pleasure to work with her and she will be my go-to for all things computer/internet/social media/SEO related from here on out.

    Sara Stone

    Sara V Stone Makeup Artist

  • I asked Ashley to look at the branding of my new food blog and to see if she could come up with any suggestions to streamline my clients’ journeys through the site. She gave me a number of strategies I could employ to simplify what users see and to guide them in the direction I want them to go, which is ultimately towards subscribing for newsletters and making purchases. I found Ashley’s support to be very useful; she offered a number of suggestions for expansion and development of the site and got back to me promptly when I queried or wanted to follow up with her. I was left with the confidence to continue my project, knowing that I had a style and brand that clearly conveyed my message.

    Emma Dawson

    Food Blogger

  • We had a great experience using Ashley to redesign our website! Our original website was clunky, looked outdated and difficult to update. Ashley offered great suggestions and was helpful each step of the way. Our website redesign was scheduled for what we thought was a downtime at work, but turned out to be a busy season! Even when I was slow to respond to questions, she kept plugging along and kept things going on the redesign. So excited for our site! Thanks so much!

    Kaci Brown

    BA Realty

  • Ashley was a total and utter pleasure to work with. Her hard work, patience, and professionalism far exceeded my expectations. She never once made me feel like I was pestering her with questions, any ideas I had she would expand on them to make them better, and her attitude was always positive and upbeat. I always felt like my site was her first priority. So, if you want a great professional website, with a pleasant professional experience, you’ve found your one. Thanks Ashley, for transforming my idea into a reality.

    Bilal Elderwy

    Elements Tours and Adventures

  • Ashley helped me to turn my amateur efforts at creating my business website into a professionally designed website that I am very proud to own. Ashley listened very carefully to what I wanted for my website and gave me just what was in my mind, only better. Thank you Ashley, I look forward to the next phase of working with you.

    Clair Pyle

    Life Coach

  • Ashley has been wonderful to work with. I have worked with other WordPress Designers in the past and her organization and attention to detail is way beyond what I have had in the past. She walks your through every step in easy to understand and follow videos and then the written instructions were so easy to fill in my details. I look forward to working with Ashley on other projects in the future! My site is AMAZING and so much better than I hoped for!

    Danielle Ralston

    Business Strategist

  • Ashley is amazing, I have been working with her for over a year, and have used many of her different services, the latest being my Website Designer & Business Coach. I HIGHLY recommend her services, she is professional, extremely efficient, kind, caring, and her pricing is extremely competitive compared to other people in her area of expertise. I can not say enough good things to reflect my fondness for Ashley as a person and professionally. If you want things done right the first time, efficiently, and reasonably priced, then Ashley is the one to contact.

    Candice Avrich

    Empowerment Coach

  • Ashley is awesome! On our call she helped me pick a theme I felt confident with, walked me through the entire process, and is going to knock out my website much sooner than expected! She is a joy to work with and makes the experience fun and exciting. I would definitely recommend her and work with her again!

    Brittney Moffatt

    Career and Social Media Strategist


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