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email marketing

Through a relationship-first based email marketing strategy

The 5 Exact Emails Responsible For $75k+ in Sales, 25% Increase of Open Rates, & That Puts Sales On Autopilot…

Grab my 5 super simple email types that anybody can use to help increase open rates and increase their sales in as little as 30 days, while never coming off as too “salesy”. (And you don’t have to start with a big starting email list or need to be an expert copywriter!)

Let’s put the guac on the table…

You’re sold on email being your next step

Maybe you’ve been growing your list in the backend, but you’re not seeing the connection between your backend growth and sales. There may be a few backend sequences or inconsistent weekly emails being sent out…but if we’re being real here, there seems to be a disconnect that you just can’t put your finger on. 

While relationships come first in your book, your emails maybe lean more on the transactional side. Your emails may feel a bit more one-sided and don’t feel like a two way conversational street.

So how would it feel to have a relationship-first based email marketing strategy that created backend growth on autopilot?

Hey there, I’m Ashley DeLuca!

Over the past 5 years, I have mastered email marketing for e-Commerce and service based businesses by simply putting the conversation and intention back into it.

Since starting in the email world, I have also worked with many 6-7 figure businesses ranging from business coaching to health and wellness physical products.

As an email communication strategist, I’m obsessed with avocados and sea turtles. But more importantly, helping you build a relationship-first company with email marketing. It all started with a bright neon green notebook and a younger sister who loved mac n cheese…

The Communication Conversation with Ashley DeLuca

Remember when people started putting avocado on toast and it became the rage? Well, I’m still not over avocados. But that’s beside the point– that craze is how I want you to feel about intentional communication with your audience. (Using email marketing of course!)

Each week, I’m going to share practical strategies to help you use email marketing to amplify relationships, maximize responses from your audience, and increase overall retention.

Holy guac, I’m so excited and I know my toddler is too so go press play and let’s go!

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Past clients dropping the guac on working with me…

Ashley has managed to fully grasp my target market, my main message, my tone of voice when writing and put it all together in some amazing email sequences – that I am so excited about using!
Victoria Thygesen

YALL! The industry standard is way below this. OVER HALF of my list read my emails. That is seriously unheard of… and I get emails back ALL the time saying how much they enjoy getting my emails and asking how they can work with me!
Ashley Fernandez

Ashley has changed my life with taking a MASSIVE amount of stress off of me by taking over setting up my email automations.
Kelly Dunlap