Subject: relationships + sales with
email marketing

Through transformational customer touchpoints

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Let’s be real here — you’re running a widely successful business.

You know your ideal client like your morning coffee order and your messaging is so on point your ideal clients are all commenting “HECK YAS!” on your posts. You have a validated offer that speaks to their pain points and solves them. (With the testimonials to prove it!) You’re a busy visionary that could outrun the Energizer bunny himself. Now you’re ready to go deep into email marketing in order to hit your next level. But you know your expertise is not in email marketing strategy or tech. Only problem? You have a bit of an issue with letting go of control. (And that’s okay!)

I’m here to bring you the game plan to create transformational touchpoints that lead to your next sold out launch.

Hey there, I’m Ashley!

As a momma, wife, and CEO, I get it. You have built this business from the ground up and you’re a bit unsure if you are ready to let go of the control. But what if you still remained in the CEO seat without having to figure out the strategy or doing email marketing yourself?

Why listen to me? Well, over the past 3 years, I have written campaigns that have resulted in 40k launches with lists ranging from 200-8k subscribers. Needless to say, I believe email marketing should be simplified. (Ya know so easy my toddler can do it!) Are you ready to get next level results through transformational moments?

Connect & Convert Blueprint

Got a DIY budget and desire to learn and implement your own email marketing? I will lead you through my S.A.T. method. It’s designed to help you set up your system, understand your audience, and know how to tweak for best results. If you are ready to stop chasing down leads and spend your time in your zone of genius then this blueprint is exactly what you need.

Email Marketing Simplified with Ashley DeLuca

Grab your earbuds and tune into the Email Marketing Simplifed podcast. This podcast was designed to share practical strategies to help you amplify relationships + sales with email marketing through transformational customer touchpoints. Press play and let’s go!

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At the end of the day, here’s what they say…

Ashley has managed to fully grasp my target market, my main message, my tone of voice when writing and put it all together in some amazing email sequences – that I am so excited about using!
Victoria Thygesen

YALL! The industry standard is way below this. OVER HALF of my list read my emails. That is seriously unheard of… and I get emails back ALL the time saying how much they enjoy getting my emails and asking how they can work with me!
Ashley Fernandez

Ashley has changed my life with taking a MASSIVE amount of stress off of me by taking over setting up my email automations.
Kelly Dunlap