When it comes to tools to use within your business, we can get extremely starry-eyed with the new flashy tools that come out every day.

Trust me, I have been there and done that.

Today I want to share with you 3 invaluable tools I have found and currently use within my own business.


I have tried Trello, Asana, and even the good old pen and paper. I have found that Freedcamp was my match. It’s simple to use design that allows me to be able to easily input projects, set recurring tasks, organize my life into categories, collaborate with my team, do CRM functions, and so. much. more. I appreciate only having to login into one place to be able to complete these items. It truly makes a world of difference for me when I can login and look at my list of things I need to accomplish for today and know I just need to knock those out.


I love Quickbooks so incredibly much. I was pairing this with Dubsado and realized that I just redoing what I was already paying for with Quickbooks. I decided that I was going to focus on simplifying my business and by doing that, I would be able to streamline my business a lot easier. Set up recurring payments, linking my accounts, and all that jazz makes it so much easier than before. Finding a good accounting software is extremely important in the long run!


I recently starting using SocialPilot for my social media and I absolutely love it. It allows me to be able to quickly add posts to all my platforms as well as be able to focus on making the most of my posts! I really love how I can view my feeds, take in analytics, and share it with my team! It is a complete win-win for the social media of my business.

BONUS: Google Drive

I have been using Google Drive forever it seems like for college. When I started my own business, I transitioned this into my business. It makes it easy to keep all my business files extremely organized while also being able to quickly share them with my team. When things are easy, it makes doing business a lot easier. 😉


What tools are you using in your business that you have found invaluable?