I’m super pumped to jump in and chat about how you can use landing pages to successfully launch your next offer.

If you have not set up a landing page yet for your offer…does not matter what stage you are in…do it! Let me tell you why!

This is just scratching the surface of what landing pages can do for you. Take into consideration all the stages. You may be surprised when a landing page can make a difference.


1). It’s a valuable tool for pre-launch
It seriously is. Hands down. Imagine when you are talking about your offer and you decide that you want to do a pre-launch special.

You can use a landing page that explains a sneak preview of what it is all about. Then use to capture information about them. From there, you can reach out to them via e-mail marketing about the offer when it comes time to launch.

You already got a warm set of leads waiting for you and that offer. #boom

2). You can add a refer a friend link
Which means you can easily gain access to more e-mail address ANNNND create a viral effect. Imagine if Suzy hops over, loves the offer, and shares it with Frank. And he does the same thing. So on and so forth. You have done nothing and with that feature alone, your offer is being marketed to new leads.

That my friend is a serious win if you ask me.

3). It can host your offer
When it comes time to actually launch your offer, you can use a landing page to your advantage. I spilled the beans on how to create landing pages step by step from start to finish. It is one post you do not want to miss!


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