If there is one thing I LOVE chatting about with my #bizbestie Danielle, it’s strategy. Annnd I am super excited to be able to share with you three ways you can integrate strategy on your website.
A common idea of strategy with your website is by integrating call-to-actions. However, there is more to it than just giving a call-to-action within your copy or with a button. There needs to be a whole strategy behind the purpose of your website and what you want visitors to do on your website. ​
But first, let’s break it down.
Instead of thinking about the strategy for your website as a bunch of call-to-actions, think of as your ultimate website goal. (UWG)
Your UWG is just like the banana of your website. It’s the purpose, the mission, the goal and it can be anything you want.
Generally speaking, you will fall under one of two categories:
1). You are a service provider that sells your services.
2) You are a product provider that sells products.
Or you could be both.
Regardless, your UWG should be to get your visitor to contact or buy from you. It’s your purpose and the core of your strategy.
So how do you do this?
Web strategy, my friend.

1). Think of your website like a journey…

When you are adding pages, adding in content, and focusing on your images, think about how your visitor will go through your website. Ask yourself where you want them to go once they hit your homepage. Oftentimes, we overwhelm people with too many options. Keep it clean and keep it simple.

2).  Keep it stupid simple…

Okay, you may laugh, but seriously. Keep your website path super duper simple. Do not give people too many options. Do not allow them to get lost in swarms of confusing pages when all they want to do it contact you. Make it so you feel like you are holding there hand as they go through the needed pages. Basically my workflow goes from Landing page >> Work with me >> Book a Call. Three simple steps. All other pages just support my UWG which is to contact me.

3). Keep distractions to a minimum…

All those pop-ups, sliders, ads, flashy things…and heaven forbid the music. Keep your website clean, fresh, and focused on the UWG. If you have all these other options and distractions, do not be surprised if your visitors gets off the path you created for them. Keep. it. simple.
Implementing your strategy for your website does not have to be difficult. Keep in mind your UWG and keep it simple.
It is as simple as that.