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I started my entrepreneurial journey as a web designer. October 2019, I decided to leave the service behind as I focused solely on my email marketing and tech VA services.

When I created my first website for my dad back in the day, I would have NO idea how many struggles and road bumps that I would hit along this journey.

As someone who has been doing this since 2009, I want you to learn 5 lessons that I wish I knew before diving in.

In my latest episode on the Connect and Convert podcast, I am sharing 5 Hard Lessons I Learned as a Web Designer.

Click here to listen to the full podcast episode

Short on time, here’s a quick summary.

1). Always always always do not forget to vet your clients.

Simply put – design is different for everyone. Make sure your design styles are similar before considering working with them.

2). No boundaries = 1 million revisions

This is the fastest way to burnout as a designer is not having boundaries. And don’t forget the contract either. It’s your tool to protecting yourself and your clients.

3). You need to know who you work well with…and don’t work with people you don’t!

I have people I don’t work well with as there is a personality clash. I’m sure you can think of some people who you also struggled working with. Keep note of this so you focus on working with people you are a rockstar with!

4). Know when to stand your professional ground

And when your client should lead the way. It is a balancing act, but one that you must figure out and master.

5). Low cost = a lot of effort.

This took me forever to really figure out, but hold trues. The clients who pay the least always seem to want the most. We need to focus on a happy middle and enforcing those boundaries to make sure it stays within the project scope.