“How can I make more sales”? That’s the golden question as entrepreneurs right? When we try to answer that question, we come up with all kinds of ideas.

More marketing. Start selling on Instagram. Are you on facebook? Cold message.

So much noise.

As an email marketing strategist and fellow entrepreneur, I know the frustration. I hear it ALL the time. People just want more sales and they don’t know why they aren’t getting them.

Not making sales from your email list? I get it. Here are 5 shocking reasons you aren't seeing sales!

In my latest episode on the Connect and Convert podcast, I am sharing the 5 reasons your subscribers aren’t buy from you.

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Short on time, here’s a quick summary.

They are not buying because..

1. They don’t know you. 

You havent taken the time to engage with them. Or properly introduced yourself. You hopped from freebie to buy me. It doesn’t work that way.

2. You haven’t established credibility.

You need to have that trust factor. They need to be able to know without a shadow of a doubt that you are an expert and have social proof to back it up.

3. They don’t know what your offer will do for them.

A clear offer with pain points that speak to the heart are a must. You have a figured out what your ideal clients needs and wants are and speak to those.

4. There is no urgency.

by being passive you in turn miss out on the opportunity to take them to the next stage in the funnel. FOMO is real and you need it in order to move things forward.

5. You confused the fudge out of them by too many offers or a vague offer.

By launching 6 offers or not providing enough info for them to want to pull the trigger.Here’s the thing… you can fix all of these. You have the power to turn your subscribers into buyers, hands down. 

I hope you found this helpful. I would love to know if you were making any of these mistakes. Feel free to tell me below!