Tell me if this sounds familiar… 

You sit down at your computer, open your email provider, click new email and start typing away.

You then spend the next 30 minutes writing an AMAZING email letting your audience know about a new piece of content you’ve written or a new product or service you have. 

You double check for errors and then excitedly hit the send button!

Then every 2 minutes after that you keep refreshing the screen to see how many people open your email and better yet, click the link to read that awesome piece of content or buy your new service or product…. 

2 minutes pass, 6 minutes pass… 30 minutes pass… 1 hour passes.. and a lousy TEN people have opened your email.

No one opening your emails? Here are 6 simple and effective strategies to creating emails your subscribers can't wait to open!

Now that I have you over there reliving your email nightmare, I want to tell you that you’re not alone. 

When I start working with my clients, one of the #1 things they complain about is their open rates.

And rightfully so. 

Obviously for people to get to the meat of what you want to share, they have to open your emails… and I’m here to help you! 😉 

Today I am going to share with you 6 essential strategies to ACTUALLY get your subscribers to open your emails!

There is a brief summary below, but for all the amazing details, feel free to watch my short training video 🙂

Feel like you spend hours writing an email to only get 5 people to open it? Here are 6 essential strategies to actually get your subscribers to open your emails!
Wondering how to actually get your subscribers to open your emails? As an email marketing strategist, I have created a short video walking you through 6 essential strategies to actually get your emails opened!
Subject lines are the bread and butter to email marketing. After all if your headline is appealing, no one will ever open your emails. Here are 6 simple strategies to get your emails opened by your subscribers!


1.) Keep it simple – people will not open a long subject line. You’re competing for attention in the inbox and people scan the subject lines. When you keep it simple it keeps it a clear message and gets your ideal clients attention.

2.) Personalize it- In both the subject line and the body text. Using their name is a good trick because they feel like you are speaking specifically to them

3.) Make it Urgent- Don’t be passive, make it where they WANT to open your email.

4.) Make it exclusive- Segment your list so people aren’t getting emails they don’t want. For example don’t send out an email about a course you offer if that person has already purchased it. Each clients pain points are different and emails need to fit what pain points they have.

5.) Use humor- When you show your personality, people feel like they know you better. Be relatable. 6.) Use integrity- Don’t be deceitful in your headlines and use click bank.

If you found this video to be helpful, or have any other strategies that you personally use to get your emails seen, I’d love to know in the comments! 🙂