You’re here looking for that
email gold

But there’s no time to read a long About page.
So let’s cut down to the chase…

I’m Ashley DeLuca aka also known by my little dude as Maaaaa.

I went to college and got into corporate America in the tech world. But being told when I could pee or have a day off was not for me. Exhausted, frustrated, and thoroughly annoyed, I was more than just a little pregnant when I had my own final straw moment. I stripped my entire desk to the bones when I put in my two week notice. At 23, I knew that I wanted to be home with my little dude. (Y’know without the stress of dealing with crazy businesses calling in about their internet bill!)

So I dove into full-time entrepreneurship doing web design. As I was creating websites, I was asked to add in email marketing forms. Let me tell you, I was super confused why so many people were sending out Target-like ads. I got curious about this whole email marketing thing and I got hooked.

Fast forward to today…I have written campaigns that resulted in 40k launches and for lists ranging from 200-8k subscribers. I’ve been featured in…

You may be a fellow email marketing strategist wondering…

“Ashley, where did you learn email marketing from?!”


I have done my days of YouTube and the Google search bar, but if you want to join the next level train ride, you need to check out George Bryant’s course, The Eternal Flame Course. This course has further ignited my love of email marketing and changing how others do it too. It’s no secret that I’m an affiliate because of how much I believe in this course and how it can help you become a next level email marketing strategist too.

So I have to ask you… Do you also…

  • Live in Ohio on 9 acres of land?
  • Own a basset hound or a basset beagle mix?
  • Have a snack eating monster aka 2 year old?
  • Live in t-shirts and yoga pants because #momlife?
  • Love Kate Spade over all other designers?
  • Dream about the ocean more than you should?
  • Have a husband that does Roman reenacting?
  • Own more scrunchies than you can count?

I mean hey, if you answered yes to any of them, we should be pen pals. While I wait on my first written note from you, let’s work on your email strategy, shall we?!

At the end of the day, here’s what they say…

Ashley has managed to fully grasp my target market, my main message, my tone of voice when writing and put it all together in some amazing email sequences – that I am so excited about using!
Victoria Thygesen

YALL! The industry standard is way below this. OVER HALF of my list read my emails. That is seriously unheard of… and I get emails back ALL the time saying how much they enjoy getting my emails and asking how they can work with me!
Ashley Fernandez

Ashley has changed my life with taking a MASSIVE amount of stress off of me by taking over setting up my email automations.
Kelly Dunlap