Emails that create consistent backend growth…

Without your chips turning stale…

Or your guac turning brown…

Let’s set the table, shall we?

Don’t worry, I brought the guac and chips…

You’ve worked endlessly on building your list, sending emails, and even setting up some automations for subscribers to go through. 

You want to build a two-way relationship with your subscribers, but you’re finding that they’re simply just not hitting reply. (Or even opening your emails!)

You thought you checked off all the boxes only to find that your emails are coming across like stale chips to your subscribers. You get a few replies and some sales, but you’re looking for continuous improvement that you can measure and improve on.

It seems like no matter what you do,  your subscribers aren’t digging your email guac…

But what if we simplify the recipe?

Hey, I’m Ashley DeLuca

The “holy guac!” email marketing gal


Growing up, I had this bright neon green notebook and a younger sister who loved mac n cheese. I filled that notebook with stories about a restaurant called “the mac n cheese place”. Mainly to humor myself but also for my little sister to enjoy.

I found myself writing story blurbs for the local paper that they would then publish in a special kid’s section once a week. I remember rushing to my grandparents house every Tuesday to see if I had been published. Week after week I would get published and my confidence in my writing grew.

After I grew too old to submit, I had this idea to start a blog in order to start sharing my 14 year old thoughts to the rest of the world. (I wouldn’t recommend going and trying to find it now!)

With library books in hand, I built my first website using a laptop bought with babysitting money and books about HTML, CSS, and I specifically remember getting The Big Red Fern by Seth Godin. I dove into those books and started my first website.

Fast forward a few years, I ended up at Panera with my friend CC at the time who was double my age. (Double the wisdom too!) And it wasn’t until she told me… “Ashley, you know you could just go and open your business right?” Then I realized that the business plan I shrugged off in college was exactly what I wanted to start now…a web design company.

So here’s where email comes in…


As I built websites, I was introduced to email marketing. I started to write campaigns that followed the advice of the gurus at the time. At one point, I even started to write MORE campaigns in hopes that it would help bring in some sales. Slowly as my open and click rates fell, I stopped emailing. If you would have asked me back then, I would have told you that email marketing was really not worth the effort or energy. 

I was beyond confused why I hadn’t struck the promised “email marketing gold!” My list wasn’t growing even though I was creating an endless amount of freebies. I wasn’t making any money and from the looks of it, nobody was even reading what I was sharing.  It wasn’t until I gave up on email marketing that I realized what was missing in the email marketing industry. 

When it came to email marketing, I realized it was missing the conversational piece. (And it needed to be taught in a more simplified streamlined approach!) 

I decided to dive back in with a new question in mind… “how can I simplify email marketing for those wanting to implement this AND make this more conversational?”  

While I kept designing websites, I started to experiment with email marketing. I wrote tons of campaigns and tested them on my audience. I started to write more about myself, what I was going through, and even about my dog. As my list grew, I realized that people were joining for one reason…for me and my perspective. 

Even as I talked more about coffees and eventually sea turtles and avocados, my audience was here for it. My audience grew leaps and bounds and without having to be anything but myself in my writing. 

Email marketing gave me the opportunity to lead with what I wanted to share. It gave me the ability to find my own voice and ultimately to create my own table. I’m no longer looking to try to find a seat at someone else’s. I now have others come wanting to sit at my table and hear what I have to say. 

And that’s all because of my desire to simplify email marketing and create conversations from it. Email marketing didn’t make any sense at the beginning for me. Plus here’s the thing — I started from scratch. I made all the mistakes when it came to email marketing communication so you don’t have to.

Fast forward to today, I have worked with many 6-8 figure service and e-commerce companies to build a relationship-first email strategy where your community truly feels like you put their results first. (And in turn makes your emails more transformational as opposed to transactional.)


This is why I’ve also been featured in places such as…

You may be a fellow email marketing strategist wondering…

“Ashley, where did you learn email marketing from?!”


I have done my days of YouTube and the Google search bar, but if you want to join the next level train ride, you need to check out George Bryant’s course, The Eternal Flame Course. This course has further ignited my love of email marketing and changing how others do it too. It’s no secret that I’m an affiliate because of how much I believe in this course and how it can help you become a next level email marketing strategist too.

So what ingredients make up this holy guac email marketing gal?

Two not too firm and not too soft avocados… aka a hubby of 4 years and two-year-old son

A squirt of citrus juice… because she currently lives in Ohio where no citrus plants grow.

A pinch of salt…which reminds her of sea turtles and the ocean (which she loves!)

A cry worthy onion…let’s face it she’s pretty basic with her t-shirt and yoga pants.

And lastly some finely cut cilantro…because she’s got the energy of an energizer bunny (that will rub off on you too!)

Here’s the hot guac on what some of my clients are saying about me.


Since starting in email marketing 5 years ago, I’ve written hundreds (if not at least a thousand by now) of emails that have helped my clients accelerate their backend growth and their sales too. And they can’t stop from raving about me.

Ashley has managed to fully grasp my target market, my main message, my tone of voice when writing and put it all together in some amazing email sequences – that I am so excited about using!
Victoria Thygesen

YALL! The industry standard is way below this. OVER HALF of my list read my emails. That is seriously unheard of… and I get emails back ALL the time saying how much they enjoy getting my emails and asking how they can work with me!
Ashley Fernandez

Ashley has changed my life with taking a MASSIVE amount of stress off of me by taking over setting up my email automations.
Kelly Dunlap