Affiliate Program

Hey there,

I am so incredibly excited you are interested in becoming an affiliate partner with me! 

It is really important that those who refer me have either have worked with me previously or have engaged with my work in the past. If you fit this category and want to make some extra cash, I would love to bring you on board!

You will not find any monthly fee or requirements here. I want this to be super easy for both of us.

To do that, on my onboarding contact form, I ask for the name of the person they were referred by.

If you are in Facebook groups, you can friend request my personal page and tag me! If you tag me in a post and they tell me you referred them, BOOM. Affiliate money.

This also works if you share my email address too – and they mention you in their response.

Currently, I am offering $10 for each booked client who was referred through an Amazon or Starbucks gift card. (Let’s avoid those PayPal fees.) 

To get started…fill out the form below!