The Creative Entrepreneur’s Funnel that Converts

If you are busy doing #allthethings, you do not have time to write your customized email funnel for your newest freebie or launch.

If you are busy doing #allthethings, you do not have time to write your customized email funnel for your newest freebie or launch. Our client’s favorite funnel package is back and better than ever.

Raise your hand in the air if you are currently:

Stranded looking for answers in Facebook groups or Google.

Stuck with no clue where to even start with your landing pages/email marketing.

Frustrated with no time to sit down and sift through a ton of materials.

Receiving inconsistent guidance that has left you disoriented and disconnected.

Simply at a loss of where to even START with your funnel.

Introducing The Creative Entrepreneur’s Funnel that Converts

Your tailored funnel is designed to help ignite the next level of your journey. With my expert guidance, we will create your funnel from start to finish with my signature WWWH layout. We will spark new leads that will devote themselves to your offer as you serve them through this funnel.

Funnels consist of three parts: strategy, email marketing, and landing pages. I can help you connect your current digital marketing strategy with funnels that will run on autopilot for you. I am honored to guide you as you smash your business goals using the power of digital marketing and funnels.


“Ashley has been a life saver when building my landing pages. She has guided me through the process of landing pages that convert. Before her guidance, I was doing well in business. After her expertise, I was blindsided by rapid expansion.”

– Diana

This is why The Creative Entrepreneur’s Funnel that Converts works:

In 14 days, it is tailored to fit your business goals and target audience. It works as an ongoing lead generating tool that you can keep on autopilot.

89% of marketers say email serves as their primary channel for lead generation. (Mailgen) 

Unlike social media where you have to create new posts each and every day, a funnel can be on repeat.

77%: The percentage of ROI that comes from segmented, targeted, and triggered campaigns. (DMA) 

Email marketing is a crucial investment in your business.

If you are wanting to:

  • gain a never ending marketing system on repeat
  • stop screaming to the masses via social media
  • become the expert in lead’s email boxes
  • interact with warm leads one-on-one via email
  • learn how to evaluate your funnel’s performance

If you are needing:

  • to gain a new revenue stream that performs on autopilot
  • expert knowledge to get you started
  • an expandable marketing strategy
  • to learn how to utilize funnels in your own business
  • guidance launching your funnel

Then The Creative Entrepreneur’s Funnel that Converts is for you!


“Ashley is responsive, knowledgeable and communicative. She is a true professional and a pleasure to work with.”

– Allison

Here’s the thing: Digital Marketing lasts a lifetime.

Digital Marketing helps you create your digital footprint that will last infinitely. Digital Marketing encompasses tools such as websites, SEO, social media, and email marketing and it allows you to be able to connect with people all over the world effortlessly. Sometimes without knowing it.

Jenna Kutcher, Amy Porterfield, Rachel Hollis, Dana Malstaff, Christina Rowe, Sabrina Philipp, and Lauren Eliz Love have had their moments.

The next big thing is: YOU

With this day and age, you can declare your own corner on the internet.

The success that comes from digital marketing is yours for the taking. Your success starts with funnels. 

The Creative Entrepreneur’s Funnel that Converts is $1000 only $350


Ready to get started?

I am a firm believer that everything in life happens for a reason. For a long time, I had a hard time seeing it…but now I see perfectly clear that every job I took…every person I met…they all happened for one reason: to led me to where I am today.

I have been working with digital marketing since 2012.

My landing pages average 3% conversion, higher than the industry standard of 2.35%.

I have a 50% open rate on my email funnels. Those who opt-in via my landing pages are warm leads.

Our paths have crossed for a reason.