Let me guess, you spent so much time creating the perfectly curated landing page, finally hit publish and instead of hearing the sound of happy clients you’re hearing crickets…. Where did it all go wrong? 

I get it. As an email marketing strategist, I see this frustration all the time. But, rest assured, I’m here to help you pinpoint the issue and then turn that landing page into a converting machine! 

Let’s dive in! 

Are you frustrated that your landing page isn't bringing in sales consistently and effortlessly? Here are 6 steps to turn your Lansing page into a sales machine!

First things first, You need to have the basics of a high-converting landing page!

Is your landing page missing any of these items? 

  • Headline that uses actionable, value-driven words
  • Sub-headline supports the headline with additional info
  • Clear, compelling description that is easy to read
  • A clear call to action that is used through out
  • Supporting proof elements such as a testimonial
  • A list of features AND benefits (and no they are not the same thing!)

If there is a chance you are missing one of these pieces, that alone could be holding you back from converting. It is important to have these elements as they direct, inform and persuade your ideal client. 

I have created a landing page checklist audit you can download here with more information, examples and pro-tips to help you build the perfect landing page. 

I would suggest you also have a second pair of eyes take a look at your landing page. Facebook groups are always the best place to ask for feedback. (pssstttt… If you want to join an amazing FB group of passionate female entrepreneurs, feel free to join here!)

Making small changes

Here’s some additional small changes you might need to take to help convert better:

  • Make sure it is optimized for mobile
  • Eliminate any distractions
  • Add in either more social proof or an explainer video

Sometimes they need a bit more convincing. It may need to be a bit more clear. There’s no success formula for landing pages, but there is the power of feedback. Ask for it and make changes as needed.

Analyze your stats

If you are not currently using Google Analytics or another software to track your analytics….get on this train! You will gain a bunch of valuable information from tracking your analytics.

Here’s what you need to consider with your landing pages when look at how you convert:

  1. Your conversion rate: How many people took you up on your offer / How many people have visited your page
  2. Where your traffic is coming from: This can help determine the quality of the leads you are attracting
  3. If they are a return or new visitor: You can see how much of your audience is cold/warm

And quite honestly, if you have leads that do not fit your target audience and they are cold, converting them may be a lot harder. #truth

As I mentioned earlier, the power of feedback is key here. You can support it by having the right elements, but at the same time, you need to consider your stats. How is your landing page actually performing and how can you improve it? This is just a starting point but you have lots of experimentation ahead of you as you determine what is going to work best for you.


I also want to invite you to join my free resource library to be able to learn how to turn your landing pages into automated income! If you are struggling with automated income, here’s how you can create it using landing pages with my free guide! 

Frustrated that your landing page isn't making any sales? Here are 6 easy steps to turn a simple landing page into an automated sales machine!
Want a landing page that converts your ideal clients into paying clients on auto-pilot? Here are 6 simple steps to create a high converting landing page!
Are you a entrepreneur looking to drive sales on autopilot? Here are 6 simple steps to create a high-converting landing page on auto-pilot.
Have you created a landing page for your new product or service and aren't seeing consistent sales? Here are 6 simple ways to turn that Landing page into a sales machine (on auto-pilot!)