It’s not secret in the online business world that email lists are where it’s at! (If you didn’t know that already, let me just tell you it is SO true!) As an email marketing strategist, I get asked ALL the time “How do I make money from my list WITHOUT sounding like sleaze ball?”

Everyone says the money is in the list.. but how do you actually write an email sales sequence that converts? Here I show you the super simple strategy to turn subscribers into buyers on autopilot.

Well, you’re in luck b/c today I am sharing a super simple strategy that I use to turn subscribers into buyers on autopilot.

But, before we begin, I want to first talk to you about what you need before you do a sales sequence.

The 3 Things You Need Before Launching A Successful Sales Sequence

1.) A Ease In Strategy

And a lot of times what ends up happening is we think that once somebody opts into our latest freebie, we can immediately start pitching to them. When we do this, we miss out on a really huge opportunity to actually build a relationship with people. And the problem is, is that when you give them something free and then automatically start selling to them, it’s a huge turnoff. Right?

Email marketing is so much about being able to relate it to real life and that’s how you can be successful with it because people don’t necessarily want to be sold to. But I don’t also believe that people are just there for the free value.

It’s our job to be able to link them from that free value into an offer and really linking together what it means to actually sell to them and go through the process of actually showing up for them. Which brings me to the next thing..

2.) A Offer Ladder

Your offer ladder is the process you take your ideal client through from turning them from a subscriber into a buyer. So, when somebody comes into your circle after opting into your free offer, what is it that needs to happen for them to be able to shift the belief of them going from, “this free content has so much value” to “I need to invest in this person”.

So I definitely highly recommend putting together an offer ladder that starts off with your free offer and it goes into like more of like a middle offer and then into a higher offer. How do you do that, you ask? This brings me to my next point.

3.) Welcome Sequence and Nurture Sequence

People will not buy from you if they do not trust you. You have to build a relationship!
If you haven’t actually showed up to them and provided them with free value and really showed them that you’re an expert in your field, they are not going to trust you. By having a set welcome sequence that shows them who you are, how you can help them and why they should pay attention to you- you can start to build that relationship!

Then after the welcome sequence comes the nurture sequence.

The nurture sequence is essentially the process of taking the welcome sequence to the next level with even more additional value and really focusing on what that relationship looks like and not just jumping the gun to sell to them, but just showing up for them.

So, basically these 3 things are what you want to do before you put this sales sequence into play. I’m all about setting up my clients for success. So if they don’t have this, I always recommend that they put this into place before we launch any kind of sales sequence.

PS- I have a super simple welcome sequence blueprint (here) if you need help writing a high-converting welcome sequence!

How To Build A Successful Sales Sequence

Okay, so then what is a sale sequence? What does a sales sequence actually look like and what is that process from beginning to end?

After you have started your nurture sequence, I recommend waiting at least 8 weeks (with sending one email a week) before you ever mention a product or service you sell. So eight weeks you have been showing up into their inbox consistently and just kind of go through that process of showing up for them, giving them the value, and really showing them what that needs to look like, right?

So then you can take them through the sales sequence. Essentially, the sales sequence is going to take them through the process of you’ve already established yourself as the expert. They know that you’re the person for them at this point.

Step 1: Paint the picture

You start really painting that picture of what it looks like to work with you. So a lot of what I do in sales sequences is focusing on three pain points. You take those top 3 pain points your audience has and then you show them how your service or product solves those 3 pain points.

For a super simple example, watch my video above where I give an in-depth example.

Step 2: Focus on The Benefits

You want to really focusing on sharing the features and the benefits without being like this is my offer and these are the features and benefits in that offer.

3: Pitch The Offer

So after you go through and really shine that offer upon what they’re looking at and going through those pain points, then you can pitch the offer. That’s when you can sell because you’ve set the stage for.

Do you see how much easier this process is than just going “Hey, buy my product!” on the second email they every get from you? Don’t be that entrepreneur- build the relationship first!

Everyone says the money is in the list.. but how do you actually write an email sales sequence that converts? Here I show you the super simple strategy to turn subscribers into buyers on autopilot.
Wondering how to make money from your email list? Here are some simple ways to turn your subscribers into buyers on autopilot!
How do you make money from your email list? As an email marketing strategist, I'm here to help you turn your subscribers into buyers with ease!

I hope you found this to be very helpful and if you have any other questions, please let me know in the comments 🙂