I am really excited to be able to chat with you all about popular content management systems. Let’s dig in!


I grew up in my website journey using WP. I gradually moved from a simple website builder to learning HTML and CSS. Eventually WP came into the picture where I am now build myself and the majority of client websites at.

I’m a huge fan of WordPress for multiple reasons. The top three being:

  1. The ability to self host and work towards any goal you have. You have a ton of flexibility within WordPress to create any kind of website you would like!
  2. You own your content and control all aspects of your website. This allows you to seamlessly integrate content and other applications into your website. #win
  3. While WP provides you the power and options, it also provides you with a grand scale of resources and options. Whether you are stuck on a problem, looking for your website to do xyz, or just looking for your website to look a certain way, the community is large and strong to support you in your journey.

On the flip side, WordPress has a large learning curve. If you do not have any previous experience with web development or setting a website up with its own server, be sure to seek help from a professional to get you on your feet. I often recommend starting with a good foundation and then having them show you how to input your own content which will save you money in the long run.



I have a couple of my clients who are huge fans of Wix and rightfully so. However, as time has gone on, they have slowly moved on to another platform. All for different reasons, but they all out grew the platform.

Let’s chat about some of the good parts about Wix.

Wix is a great learning platform that allows for users to be able to move forward with a simple platform. Some of my clients appreciate how simple that platform is overall.

Another aspect to keep in mind is being able to easily make changes and updates in a matter of minutes. You literally have the basics. Often times, I find that for older people, this platform is a lot easier for them to adapt to than say WordPress.

A downfall of Wix is with the ability to integrate with other platforms and systems. One major one being Pinterest. If you plan on getting your Pinterest game on, this platform would be the one to shy away from.

Regardless, for those just starting out, this would be ideal to take advantage of and to move forward with if you are looking for something simplistic. Just keep in mind, the growing factor will be a bit painful as you look to expand and grow.

Simple website builders through domain providers or even your internet provider also fall into this mix as they work to provide you with a starting foundation for something simple. As you would look to upgrade, this is where WordPress or something similar would fall into line for you. When making your decision, be sure to look at the full picture and not just part of the picture to ensure you are making the right move for you!

While most others would group Squarespace and a couple other platforms into the mix, I have not had any clients with any other platform than those listed above to be able to voice an opinion and have been omitted to be fair.