Rise & Bloom Maintenance

A three month maintenance package focused on helping you grow your website and e-mail marketing to its fullest potential.   

Focused Growth

Strategy Roadmap

Increased Revenue

Did you know it is entirely possible to hand off your website and email marketing tasks while you focus on what you do best? (LIKE SERIOUSLY, IT’S TOTALLY POSSIBLE!)

Because you heard the word "maintenance" and it perked your interest...
Getting help where I lacked in my business changed my life and I want to offer you the same opportunity.

You’ve got an amazing business you’ve launch full speed ahead. You’re more excited than you’ve ever been.
And you have more clarity than ever before.

All systems are a GO and you see the green light – but you aren’t moving.

You think to yourself, are you joking right now?

I totally get it. Technology and websites may not be your jam.  You’d rather be out there putting your big idea in the world. Making an impact, you know? And that’s exactly what you should be doing.

You don’t have the time to learn how to maintain your website and email marketing when you’ve got people waiting for your services.

I soak in all the knowledge, technology, and latest trends so you don’t have to.

The truth is, I live and breathe this stuff.

Helping you be strategic with your website and email marketing is my passion.

And when my passion meets your passion?


Magic happens...

My clients and I go on a journey together as I take them from feeling lost in the world of technology to being grounded with the elements they need to have a professional website. It is a transformation as they uplevel their web presence, establish authority, and develop their own spot on the internet to call their own.

As Seen In:
Because you honestly may not need a full redesign or start over from scratch.

Too often people are simply asking for help and people are responding stating they need a brand new redesign or their website or to start over with their email marketing. When simply that does not need to be the case. 

Everyone’s business is a bit different and so are your needs as a business owner. Instead of putting you in the same exact mold as every other business owner, I help you work off of the platform you are currently on to help you build it to its fullest potential.

Over the course of three months, we are able to focus on your growth, lay out a strategic roadmap, and help you increase your revenue. 


I have found that there are too many “designers” but not enough people to help after the completed projected. I found that what my clients really needed was help as they transitioned and strategized with their websites and email marketing platforms. 

I truly want to see you rise as an entrepreneur and bloom into your full potential. With that being said, I have been creating websites since 2009. Ranging from personal blogs to e-Commerce websites, I have experience creating a variety of websites and implemented web and email marketing strategy for all different kinds of businesses. I’m also finishing my Bachelor’s of Arts in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing. I have found my purpose and I am answering my calling. 

Every month we are going to lay out your top three goals during our one hour strategy session call. 

We are going to hyper focus on website maintenance, landing pages, and email marketing to help make sure that you are set up for success no matter what you currently use.

But it does not stop there. 

You get unlimited email support from me. 

We are going to finally check off those items you have been meaning to-do. Y’know add in SEO to your website, update that old bio, and set up a new email marketing funnel for a new freebie. 

In my eyes, if we both commit to your goals with these two main components of your business, everything else will flow into place. 

Because I totally get that cost is important. We all have a business to run here.

As a business owner, you know your time is valuable. If all your website and email marketing related tasks could go *poof* how much time would that save you? Times that by your hourly wage and boom, that’s how much it is currently costing you by doing it yourself. Seriously, do the math…you might surprise yourself… 

On average: 5 hours a month is spent on these tasks x the average hourly rate of $150 = $750 / month

What if I told you this package would only cost you $350/month or $1050 for the three months in total?

You could potentially be saving yourself over a grand each quarter! 

I'm all for DIY, but what if you could actually save money by hiring someone else?