Emails that connect & convert

Without the salesy fluff that nobody reads.

You know your ideal client like your morning coffee order and your messaging is so on point your ideal clients are all commenting “HECK YAS!” on your posts. You have a validated offer that speaks to their pain points and solves them. (With the testimonials to prove it!)

You’re a busy visionary that could outrun the Energizer bunny himself. Now you’re ready to go deep into email marketing in order to hit your next level. But you know your expertise is not in email marketing strategy or tech. Only problem? You have a bit of an issue with letting go of control. (And that’s okay!)

I’m here to bring you the game plan to create transformational touchpoints that lead to your next sold out launch

I’m gonna give it to you straight… My services are not for everyone. My time is valuable and so is yours which is why a perfect fit client is someone who…


  • Knows their ideal client like their back of hands and has messaging that has attracted new leads time and time again. (Just maybe not through emails!)
  • Has an established list and has been sending some sort of recurring emails such as weekly emails (maybe irregular and that’s okay!)
  • Wants to dive into the next level of A/B testing, segmenting, and tags but just has no clue or time to start doing it on their own.
  • Ready to invest into a proven strategy designed to help them amplify their relationships and sales through email marketing.

As an email marketing strategist, I primarily focus on the relationship after you have opted in.

If you are looking for someone to drive more traffic to your list, a marketing strategist would be a good fit for you to start with. After they have opted in, that’s where the beauty of my 3A strategy comes into play.


We have to have a starting point, right? I will analyze your current campaigns, funnels, and processes and provide an outline of suggestions of how we can amplify those relationships and sales. (And where we need to fill the gap in the customer journey!)


We can’t create “holy guac” emails without taking time to nail down your voice. I dig deep into your content to pick up on your little quirks and isms. During this time, we also start to align your business goals to our email goals together to create a perfect flow from one to the other.


We put the bow on top by taking your campaigns we have created and set them up as evergreen. This is the beauty behind email marketing as we focus on amplifying relationships and sales with a seamless customer journey full of transformations. 

Here’s how we can work 1:1 together

1:1 Email Manager ~ starting at $1750/mo

Ready to hand off #allthethings email? There is no “I” in the word team, but there is an “e” for email. And that’s being a team email player is second nature to me. We’ll focus on amplifying all your current marketing efforts so you can stay in your zone of genius. Whether you write the copy or I do, we use our Optin to Offer strategy outline as our roadmap to fill up your calendar with pre-sold leads!

À la carte ~ starting at $997

Maybe you are ready to dip your toes in because going #alltheway is just a bit too scary. Whether you need a sequence or some campaigns, I’m ready to give you the strategy, copy, or implementation you need to help you turn those email subscribers into ‘holy guac, gotta have it buyers!” Consider your one off email needs taken care of!

The Optin to Offer Intensive ~ $1500

Love writing copy, but lost on the big picture strategy? The Optin to Offer  is your own customized system for turning email subscribers into ‘holy guac, gotta have it buyers!” We audit exactly where you’re at and where you want to go while keeping your vision and goals in mind. Included in all 1:1 email manager packages but can be purchased separately below

Here’s what ya get:

  • We map out your email marketing game plan from your opt-in to offer in a 90 minute session. Just you, me, a sharpie, and a collection of big orange post-it notes.
  • During the 90 minutes, we’re going to strategize how to nurture your leads and convert them into dolla bills.
  • You will walk away with an outline of exactly what you need set-up in the backend along with a game plan for your weekly campaigns to scale to the next level.

I’m Ashley DeLuca, also known by my little dude as Maaaaa.

Why listen to me? Well, over the past 3 years, I have written campaigns that have resulted in 40k launches with lists ranging from 200-8k subscribers. Needless to say, I believe email marketing should be simplified. (Ya know so easy my toddler can do it!)

Are you ready to get next level results through transformational moments?

Holy guac, I got some Q’s first

Do you write “insert anything but an email”?

Sorry, but no. Emails only.

I have terribly low open and click rates...can you magically increase them?

As George Bryant says,  “you don’t have an email problem, you have a relationship problem.” Sure, we could run a three email re-engagement campaign, but you need to fix the core problem. (Which is totally up George’s alley!)

I want to make sure we are two peas in a pod first so can chat first?

You betcha. Fill out the form and we will connect from there. Fill out the form here..