A new breed of entrepreneurs all over the world is now visible. Decades ago, being a business owner would mean you have a physical store with products or services offered to the people in your community. But ever since the internet became a hit, everyone can already start a business anywhere, anytime.

If you think you aren’t ready yet to invest a big capital in a business, then test out your business idea first by promoting it online. You can start doing this on your own personal Facebook profile. Talk about your offer whether it’s a product or a service by asking people if they need something like that, or if they will be interested in buying it when offered.

Once you get feedback and insights on how you can further develop your business idea, then you’re ready to take the next step ahead in giving your brand more online visibility.

Here are 4 things you can do to make sure you are creating visibility by making your social media pages and website work together.

  • Website visibility – When creating your social media profiles, make sure that you add your website URL in all of your social media profiles. It should be in your Facebook Page About Us, Instagram Bio, LinkedIn Business Profile, Twitter Bio, etc.
  • Track URL links – When sharing content coming from your website, don’t just use the naked URL of the page you want to share. Use or Google URL Shortener to create a trackable version of your URL. This allows you to view the statistics such as the source of link clicks of all content you share.
  • Create and install the Facebook Pixel – This is most especially important for ecommerce businesses because a lot of activities happen in an ecommerce store. Adding the Facebook pixel, which can be created from your Facebook Ads Manager account, will enable you to track the visitors in every page of your website and target them in several ways when you implement Facebook ads.
  • Build your email list – Every online business should have their own email list. An email list is like a database of people who are interested in your brand or your offer. When you create free valuable content, which can be a website blog post or a downloadable PDF guide, you can ask people to subscribe to you for more informational content or ask for their email address so you can email them the guide. This whole process may involve the use of both your website and any of your social media profiles.

Remember, when starting up a business whether it’s online or offline, you shouldn’t depend on one source of leads or customers. That is why it’s important not to be content with marketing efforts such as building only a website or creating only a Facebook page.

A great entrepreneur makes sure to find ways on how all of his or her assets can work together to create a working process matched to the business.


Guest Blog by Meliza Zaneta Santos a.k.a Ice

Meliza Zaneta Santos a.k.a Ice is a Marketing Strategist and Consultant who helps businesses with social media content, copy, and strategies focused on lead generation. She dreams to experience being a digital nomad even for just a month.