See the tools and resources that have helped me build, grow, and scale my business. From my favorite programs to service providers, I am drawing the curtains back for you to see.

Please note that this page contains affiliate links that do not bring any cost to you. This allows me to bring additional free content your way. Thank you!

Simply Bee Design

Diana has been a game changer in my business. She has helped me excel to the next level with my visual branding. I highly recommend her servies! 

Dani Fairhurst

Dani has been a key asset in growing my business. She is an amazing VA and has always dove head first into any project thrown her way. She is amazing!

Jade Smith

Jade has not just changed my business, but also my life. She has helped me go from being a chaotic mess to a dream business. I highly recommend Jade 1000% if you are needing help with project management and overall client management.


This has been a gamechanger in my business. Convertkit is great for someone who is serious, but not super techy. I love it more than anything else!


A bit over 50% of client websites are built with Divi.  I love how it allows me to build custom websites that my client can easily update themselves. 


I feel like I have tried them all. AirTable is perfect for organizing all of my clients and my team. Once I had some help with structuring it, AirTable has helped me stay on track!


This has been a huge tool in my business especially as I have grown. No more endless emails or FB messages from my team members. 


This makes evergreen social media content so much easier. It is Meet Edgar’s cheaper sister. I love how easy it is set up and run in the background!