The Email Marketing Roadmap to captivate your readers & make more sales

Email Marketing Simplified with Ashley DeLuca

So many times we get lost in trying to do the #allthethings.

We just want to check things off our list and we fail to look at the full picture. And as CEOs, it is our job to make sure we are the visionaries of our business.

Here’s the reality of the situation: our ideal clients are constantly distracted. They have social media, kids, dogs, cats, goldfish all in their face wanting their attention.

So how can you get a piece of their attention so you can captivate them and make more sales?

In my latest episode on the Connect and Convert podcast, I am sharing The Email Marketing Roadmap to captivate your readers & make more sales.

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Short on time, here’s a quick summary.

The Key: Welcome Sequence

I firmly believe when you have a solid welcome sequence you can do this. I have seen people set-up a link for their free download with only one email.

It falls shorts by immediately putting their new subscribers into a sales sequence or just random weekly emails. (When the person remembers!)

When you don’t have a welcome sequence you are doing a disservice to your ideal clients and yourself. They need to hear what you have to say!

Captivate With Stories

People love stories. Hands down. There have been stories passed down from generation to generation. (If that tells you anything!)

#1 The number one story that you can use is your own transformation story.

By showing people where you started, you show them what’s possible within their own life. Often times, you become your ideal client’s inspiration.

If you struggle with sharing your story, it can oftentimes be a mindset issue. I know for me 6 months ago, I wished I was where I am today. Have faith that you will inspire them with your story.

#2 You can also share stories that highlight a certain pain point.

You can really focus on those hot button topics that people are talking about. The biggest thing is so many people want to share fluffy content that doesn’t help their ideal clients. Don’t do that.

You don’t have to share the whole pie, just give them the next step to help them reach their goal.

#3 Focus on showing them results through stories.

Show them the whole picture from start to finish for your own clients. This really links together the whole process of helping them see start to finish. Case studies and testimonials are so incredibly important and powerful.

To wrap this up – use these stories in this order. Take the time to journal out some of the foundational stories of your journey that you can share.

Focus on sharing those stories in your welcome sequence so you can have a step above the rest who fail to send after that first email. Let me know which story you love sharing in the comments below!

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