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Total beginner when it comes to email marketing and ready to dive in with a strategy designed to connect & convert?


I got you covered, friend!!!

Deep down you know…

  • The money really is in the list, but your’s = -0
  • Those weekly newsletters are not helping you connect & convert your subscribers.
  • You are focused on growing your list but you are not seeing them turning into actual sales.
  • You should be shouting your services in your emails, but every time you do (if you remember) you feel icky and salsey! 

It’s time you pressed “send” on an email marketing strategy

Say goodbye to those sweaty palms and say hello to confident emails that sell.

The truth is, implementing a consistent email marketing strategy:

  • Allows you to connect with your ideal clients (and not randomly pop up outta the blue!)
  • Reflects you and your brand and showcases the heart behind your business
  • Allows you to automate but still make your people feel loved

Introducing The Email Starter Program:

The complete start to finish email marketing course for beginners looking to turn their subscribers into buyers (with a small list)

Within The Email Starter Program, you will be diving into how to start and implement a complete email marketing strategy in only 1 hour a week while having 1,000 subscribers or less.

Here’s what you will receive inside:

  • Access to the three step CEA method to turning those subscribers into buyers (even if your list is under 1k!)
  • A complete email marketing roadmap through the DIY course so you can double your leads and convert those ideal clients with confidence!
  • Action packed, no fluff training designed to ONLY give you the info you NEED so you can spend more time implementing your strategy in under 1 hour a week.
  • Support through the Facebook group, so you can quickly get out there and increase sales quickly

PLUS, you’ll also get:

  • Plug-in play templates for your welcome + sales sequences
  • Exclusive tech trainings to help you get up and rolling including MailChimp, MailerLite, Convertkit, and Constant Contact (just to start!)
  • Expert training to deepen your knowledge with items that contribute with your email marketing strategy

How does the CEA method work?



You have to have a solid foundation which comes through clarity before we dive in.



We will be focusing on nurturing your audience and then looping in sales (without the salesy part)



Create a flawless and personalized experience from lead magnet to sale. (And save time along the way!)

Dive in deeper to what we will be covering:


Clarify Your Ideal Client
Clarify Their Pain Points
Clarify Your Roadmap



Complete Your Welcome Sequence
Create Your Nurture Sequence
Craft Your Sales Sequence
BONUS: Re-Engage with a Down Sell Sequence



Your One Year Email Marketing Plan
Creating Your Evergreen Content Funnel
Evaluating Your Roadmap

And just who am I?

Hi friend, I’m Ashley DeLuca and I help creative entrepreneurs (just like you!) turn their small list of subscribers into buyers! 

Have some questions?

Why should I invest into email marketing over social media?

According to Optin Monster, email marketing yields $44 back for every $1 you spend – a 4400% ROI. Social media does not even come close to this. Not to mention, you have to own an email address to sign up for social media accounts…right?! Another thing to consider is why people visit each one…we have social media as a way to be entertained while email is more so for business or tasks. Which one are people more likely to click and take action to ultimately purchase? Most likely email!

How much time does it take to go through the course?

Once purchased, you receive lifetime access! You can easily go at your own pace. Most students take about a month to go through the program!

What type of email marketing platform do I need?

The best part is you can adapt the CEA method to any platform! While some are more advanced than others, it still packs the same punch! We recommend Convertkit or Constant Contact!

Do you offer payment plans?

I absolutely do! Click here to see!

Do you offer refunds?

Unfortunately, I do not offer refunds. 

I have more questions, how can I get in touch?

Let’s chat via a scheduled call! I would be happy to answer any additional questions you may have!

Need more info or looking for a custom package?

Ready To Get Raving Fans (and customers!) Just By Sending An Email?

Grab my 5 Simple Step Guide to help you grow your email list and turn those subscribers into buyers!