With 2018 fast approaching, you may be wanting to change your look, which means you will need a designer to create a brand new logo for you or your brand. When you are trying to find the perfect person to create your logo, be sure and look for the: 

Top 5 Qualities needed in your Logo Designer

  1. Positive Testimonials

When you are looking for someone to create a logo for you, make sure that their client testimonials are displayed prominently on their website, and they are positive! Seems pretty cliche right? But you’d be surprised at how many people out there say that they do excellent work, but have nothing to show for it on their website.


  1. They have a portfolio on their website with previous work

When you check their website, you can see some of their previous work, and you feel like the designer will get your style and will be able to create something that conveys the message you are wanting. If you feel like you love with the designer’s previous work, odds are you will get the perfect logo.


  1. They listen to what you want and create something custom, just for you (logo isn’t re-used somewhere else)

You will want someone who will listen to what you want, and then create something that will speak to your audience. Having someone that you vibe with right away is super important to a great logo.


  1. Reliable

Make sure to hire someone that is reliable and will create your logo in a timely fashion. Having a contract in place is critical to a good business relationship, so make sure before you pay someone any amount of money, that a contract is in place, and a date is set to receive the logo.


  1. Logo is in Vector Format

This is the biggest thing. If you are working with a true designer, this will be a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised at how many people I see selling or creating logos that are not in vector format. Make sure the file is either in .pdf or .eps format when you receive it.

Tell me below, what is something you look for when hiring a designer? I’d love to know!

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