Why Colors Are Important With Web DesignThere’s no denying the psychological link between emotions and colors used in web design.

A proper web design will contain a few prompts of visual identity; such as shapes, symbols, number, and words but the number one visual component that people remember most will be the colors.  Colors are what will draw your viewer in first. Just as the saying goes, “you eat with your eyes” colors are what we see and feel first.

Let’s play a game, visualize you are returning from a 4-day hiking trip and you are in the mood for a hot plate comfort food most likely you will not be drawn in by a vibrant orange, purple and pink sign that is in the shape of an ice cream cone. You are probably on the lookout for a more neutral theme of browns, tans and greens and maybe a prompt of red that says, “I have potatoes, rolls, and protein.” Colors feed our emotions and help guide us to what we are wanting or needing.

Here are some of the top psychological web design colors and their meanings:

-Red has a number of different emotions and meanings as it is a strong and present color. Red has the ability to create emotions such as desire and danger on one hand and love and passion on the other. Red is a bold and lively color that can symbolize strength, confidence, and power. The color red is good at stealing attention away from other colors and is why a vibrant red would be greatly utilized as a call to action color in your web design.

-Yellow has more of an optimistic and playful feel. Being the color of sunshine and lemons, yellow puts out a fresh, clean, friendly vibe. You may think of kids selling lemonade or a field of sunflowers on a warm summer day. Yellow is the color that can be seen from the farthest distance and help to create a feeling of clarity within. Psychologically the color yellow would be great to utilize as a direction color so as not to forget to read content or be sure to click here to get more value. Yellow is a great color for guidance in web design.

-Orange tends to create the feeling of energy and youthfulness. Creatively enough it is the combination of reds strength and yellows joyfulness in which case it has the ability to make viewers feel energetic, fruitful, healthy, and young. Besides that, it can also provide the emotions of being cozy and content on a Fall day.

-Blue is a vast color as it has a way of providing peace, unity, it shows creativity and intelligence, it promotes physical and mental relaxation. The color blue in can also tell a story of masculinity, reliability, and it can radiate security and trust. The color blue likes to build strong, trusting relationships. This color in web design can also make me relate to tech, cold, or metal objects

What does this mean for your web design and its viewers?

By being aware of the colors that you are using on your website, you can make sure that you are utilizing the right colors to convey your message and draw the best emotion from your viewer. How do you want your viewer to feel when they come to your website? Maybe you want your viewer to feel excited and youthful by using orange, red, and yellow. Perhaps you are wanting to set the emotion of support, comfort, and reliability, you are probably going to go with more calming colors such as blue, greys or pastels. It is up to you to captivate your audience with the right emotions using the best colors.


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