Landing pages are the heart and soul of an inbound marketer’s lead generation efforts, so why are they still so underutilized?

Forget the distractions — a landing page keeps the focus right on where you want it most — your offer!

Every link on your website that doesn’t represent your conversion goal is a distraction that will dilute your message and reduce your conversion rate. Utilizing a landing page brings the focus back where you want it. Every time a lead completes a conversion form on a landing page, it is collecting valuable information about your leads. You can then use this information to understand who and what is converting. This gives you a baseline of information about a lead before they reach out. That is beyond valuable information if you ask me.

It’s not too late!

By starting now, you can utilize landing pages as a great addition to your current marketing. This puts leads being left on the table onto your list where they should be. Landing pages not only enable you to generate new leads; they also allow you to track reconversions of existing leads, which you can then use to identify which prospects are more engaged with your business. This also enables you to collect better intelligence on your leads’ behaviors and activities on your website, which your sales team can use in the sales process. Wouldn’t it be great to gain more knowledge on what you are already putting out into the world and create a stealthier product or offer?

Don’t blindly send someone to your website as it can easily distract them from what they were originally looking for.

By sending them to your landing page, they can easily grasp the information you want and convert them easier. Give your offers a place to live because without being gated behind landing pages, your offers will do nothing to support your lead generation efforts. The idea is to require your website visitors to ‘pay’ you in contact information for something valuable like your offer and a landing page is the collection tool. I don’t know about you but landing pages are a tool I do not want my business to be without.

This being said, be sure to utilize landing pages in your marketing or know that you are leaving leads on the table and missing an opportunity to see more of what your followers are looking for.


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