It’s no secret that Millennials are know as the entrepreneurial generation.

We don’t dream about the corner office or becoming the CEO of a major company. Our generation seems to have a sentiment of mistrust when it comes to big businesses, because we’ve grown up watching our parents get laid off or work jobs that made them miserable simply to keep food on the table.

Some of us watch our friends attend university for years and then have a hard time finding employment while simultaneously drowning in student debt. Or, we see our peers trapped in cubicles — again, just to pay the bills.

A lot of us simply feel like those traditional career paths lead to either unhappiness or nowhere.

And, thanks to technology, starting a business is easier than ever. We live in a world where working remotely and attending meetings virtually is normal and extremely desirable.

Plus, the idea of what it means to start a business is drastically different from what it was a decade ago. There are basically zero barriers to entry if you want to start an online business, assuming you have an internet connection and a decent laptop.

Most of all, we’re a generation that craves freedom. Autonomy. Flexibility. We want to do work that fulfills us, on our own terms and schedules.

But what happens when you throw kids into the mix?

How does that change things for us Millennial women who are committed to screwing the traditional nine to five?

Apparently, not much.

I’m sure you’ve heard the word Mompreneur before. This terms refers to us Moms who are simultaneously running a business and raising our children. It may sound crazy, but it’s a real thing.

There are millions of Mompreneurs in the United Sates. Most of them are the primary caregiver for their children and didn’t even start their business until after having kids.

I can speak from personal experience when I say that as a Millennial Mother, I truly felt I should and would have it all. I needed to earn an income to contribute to my family, but I just wasn’t willing to sell my soul to do it anymore. That’s what my job became when I became a parent and had to be away from my kids for 60+ hours/week. I knew there had to be a better way, and it turns out there was.

The really cool thing about the world today is that we can all take skills we’ve learned in the workplace, or in school, and apply those to our own businesses.

People I see all the time running their own businesses are skilled in things like:

  • digital marketing
  • administrative work
  • bookkeeping & accounting
  • social media
  • graphic design
  • website design
  • writing & editing
  • reception
  • sales
  • business coaches
  • coding

Now, don’t get me wrong here. Running a business from home while raising children isn’t easy. I’ve reached the point where I require childcare 3 days/week but even that is such a massive shift from the life I lived in the corporate world. I choose when and how I work — it’s my call.

I love what I do, but I also love being a Mom. I knew there was a way to have both, so I went for it. Millions of other women clearly feel the same way I did.

If you want to have it all, it takes risks. But our generation is ready for it.

Together, we’re creating lives our parents never had the courage to even dream of.

And that is something I am proud to be a part of.


Guest Blog by Alex Morrison at Malamax Content Marketing

Alex is a Sales Funnel expert & Marketing Virtual Assistant. She is passionate about helping other online, service-based entrepreneurs achieve success in their own businesses, through the strategic creation of content and systems. She is a Mother of two young boys, and has built a successful business that allows her to spend time with her children and pursue her own interests. She is based in Halifax, Nova Scotia and is the Founder of Malamax Content Marketing.

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